Sedition originally started in Pensacola, Florida by Finite Automata frontman Mod Eschar (Dom Price) and his business partner Hyde Hood as a showcase for regional industrial music acts to come play at the local goth/industrial dance night; Black Syndicate.

When Eschar moved to Atlanta, GA. The night dried up, and went dormant until the news of the then unknown fate of The Masquerade prompted him to be proactive in giving touring dark alternative musical acts an alternative place to play in Atlanta; as well as the ability to work with a promoter who specifically catered to their genres and had his hand on the pulse of the Atlanta dark alternative community. Sedition’s mission also includes giving local up and coming industrial, noise, and gothic artists a chance to strut their stuff in the limelight with more well known touring acts. We feel that in order for a scene to grow, you have to start locally and empower local music. After all, every band that finally makes it, started out as a local act.

The first tour to play Sedition was SNOG and Labrynth with Finite Automata and locals EctoProxy providing support; at the now defunct Club Famous in North Druid Hills. Since Famous’ closing in December 2016, Sedition has moved it’s operation to The Drunken Unicorn, and has worked with Tight Bros to help bring in much talked about dark alternative acts. As of May 2016, Sedition has hosted almost¬†two¬†dozen shows including PIG, God Module, Velvet Acid Christ, Ego Likeness, and more.