Ascending The Abyss Tour
w/ Striplicker / Glass Apple Bonzai / Esoterik

Ascending The Abyss Tour
w/ Striplicker / Glass Apple Bonzai / Esoterik

@The Drunken Unicorn (website)

FriJul 05, 20199PM

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GRENDEL officially welcomes you to their Ascending The Abyss North America Tour 2019! Returning to Atlanta, Friday July 5th!


Using the grisly tale behind the name "Grendel" as a basis for their music, Grendel has successfully emerged as a dark and chaotic force in the underground electronic scene. In 1997 Grendel was formed although this was not the band's original name. It wasn't until the band as it was known split up that the remaining members decided to change the name. "Grendel" was a beast in the classic mythological story of "Beowulf" that would lure people from villages and drown them in marshes. The new name and line up helped to create a unique aura for the band that attracted thousands of fans across Europe.

Throught the 2000's, Grendel has built a repertoire of aggressive and dancable alternative club anthems, earning them critical acclaim in the media, becoming a staple DJ record and topping scene charts world wide (including DAC & GEWC). Prescription: Medicide, and Harsh Generation come to mind.

After of their 2012 release "Timewave Zero", the band released "Age Of The Disposable Body", and is currently completing work on their next release.


Striplicker spontaneously exploded into existence when the world proved itself incompetent, and in need of ownership.

The music of Striplicker celebrates all things visceral. The pounding bass beats and mesmerizing synthesis of dance music, the chugging and screaming burn of industrial metal guitars, the power of intense live drums, and twisted visual stimulation, all combine into a stomping, dancing, controlled chaotic, riveting experience.


Glass Apple Bonzai is the solo synthpop / synthwave project of the illustrious Daniel X. Belasco of Defence Mechanism. A sonic trip into the darker, moodier parts of the 1980's synth movement. Aptly titled "Depressionwave" by some random person on the internet. If you like the 80's then you'll like this, honest.



"Pagan-Synth." Esoterik is a Darkwave, Synth driven, band located in Oklahoma City. The band was formed in Early 2013 by Allison Eckfeldt and Brady Bledsoe. They combine Synthpop, Dark Wave and Electronic Dance. Esoterik's sophomore album, 'Atonement', was released in October 2015 and produced by Rotersand's own Krischan Wesenberg. At the same time as the album drop Esoterik released the music video for 'Necrodancer' the first single from 'Atonement.'  The second music video to be released for the album 'Atonement' was 'Cup of Life.' A song that paved the way into Esoterik’s new sound-scape that was lovingly coined 'Pagan-Synth' by a fan.